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North River Gallery

Mid-19th to Mid-20th Century American

The North River Gallery presents Douglas James Maguire and Thomas Teich, two artists living in and influenced by the surroundings associated with the Hudson River School.  Both reflecting nature's largesse and intimacy in their work.

When standing in front of a for nature, sublime yet not exalted. The paintings have an objective approa ch.  There is a rationalists cool eye present in the way Maguire's images are treated with great attention to detail, clarity of vision compositionally and a liberty with colors bright and clean that would have shocked the early painters of the region.  One can feel his presence in all the brush work while getting an almost hyper real view of nature.mag

Our eye is constantly moving in and out of the space Maguire reveals. Painted from an aerial perspective the viewer is always brought back to a human scale when observing his attention to a particular place or object in the work, our eye shifting from one plane to another as we soar through his painting. Maguire creates great depth while blocking out simple shapes and forms within his expansive compositions and views. His use of large swaths of bold color in unusual perspectives gives the paintings an almost hyper real quality yet they look very natural. He keeps us guessing as we move in and out of cool objectivity and seductive intimacy

"Maguire understands the limits and liberties of being a Panoramist:  he knows that within strict bounds much can happen.  In a day of the exaltation of trivia, this artist’s painting - heroic and lyrical, yet always clear – continues to impress." – Gerrit Henry/ Art In America



Photographer knowledge of his craft is truly impressive. He works with an ultra large format camera that he actually built, a thing of beauty in itself.  And because of his large format images he requires special equipment, he therefore built a lab to accommodate all his needs also by himself.

A naturalist, his photographs, mostly large scale, are surprising because of their poetic sensibility. His attention to detail through form, tone, texture and light create a moving atmosphere of clarity and intimacy.  One feels his love and embrace of the North Eastern environment both poignant and inspiring.

As he points out “I have sought to examine and carefully balance the microcosmic and macrocosmic aspects of my environment. Western American landscape photography so often presents the large-scale view, a natural reaction to the grandeur of the subject. In my work I have tried to find harmony, to interpret and convey the feeling of our close, intimate landscape in the East without diminishing its own special grandeur.”

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